Summer Experience Competition 2018


Please plan a 6 nights and 7days trip to Switzerland, England or Spain. Your preference should be where you want to visit. The budget amount of the trip will be JPN 500,000.

Mandatory requirements for a trip

  1. Plan for 2-way flight
  2. Stay at least one night on a luxurious hotel
  3. Stay one night at the best hotel in one selected hotel chain
  4. Visit once or more places that is registered as Michelin Star Restaurant
  5. Visit once or more famous local restaurant
  6. Visit 6 or more places of tourist sights
  7. Participate in one or more events (EX; Entertainment, Sports Activities, Various Festivals)
  8. Specify reasons of your selection throughout number

* 1~8 Introduce the hotels, restaurants, tourist sights, etc. | * Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact.

The application period | 2017.11.01-2018.1.13

Award Free participation to summer program at Glion or Les Roches (Switzerland, London, Spain) for 1 week.
All costs will be covered by Glion / Les Roches Official Representative Japan Office (Excluding; personal expense, travel insurance, travel cost to the airport in Japan)
Project procedure Sign up & Submit a report ? Evaluation of the report ? Announcement of successful applicants ? Submit the presentation material(PPT) ? Presentation at the seminar ? Announcement of the final successful applicant
First Part: It is qualified with Max 2 pages (the travel theme and plan) and the reference with Max 13 pages of A4. Must meet all the requirement, #1~8. In the reference sheet, it must include the specific details and descriptions of research method of the hotels, restaurants, tourism sights, events etc. Second Part (Presentation): Required only if you passed the first part. Make a PPT about the plan you prepared and present in front of judges. (Max 15pgs of slides, 10~15 min presentation)
Requirement Applicants must be grade 10 and 11 in Japan (高校1年生・2年生)
How to Apply Apply on or Applications accepted only until 2018.1.13
Contact Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact - 03.5361.7670 /